How to Draw Caricatures      Whether you are choosing a subject as a sample caricature for your portfolio or a subject at a birthday party, try to get someone who has a feature that is easily exploitable to get the ball rolling. For example look for someone with a strong chin line or a weak chin line for that matter. Look out for the person with deep set eyes or eyes close together or eyes wide apart. Maybe someone with a high forehead or big interesting hair or crazy hairdo. Somebody really old or somebody really young make great easy targets, because frankly these two groups of people are literally sitting ducks! Learn how to draw caricatures Break The Ice With An Easy Subject You Can Draw As A Caricature... And Watch The Rest Of The Party Line Up To Take Their Turn Old folk by default are generally sitting around so they will be used to sitting still, and children on the other hand are usually running around but will cooperate and sit still because of the fascination of being to draw caricatures old man You see all those amazing drawings you see that look so cool, are the product of taking a series of small steps, baby steps that lead bit by bit towards the goal of becoming a master caricature artist. Okay I hear you say, pick an easy subject and then what? I know what you mean, these things sound easy but the truth is when the pressure is on, it can be quite scary. In fact the next little secret will have you performing at your best with no pressure at all. We all have artistic talent dormant in us. You can learn how to bring out that talent by trining Thanks to Graeme's easy techniques Serious Fun With Caricature “ 21 Days to Cartoon Mega Profitshome study course. SNEAK PEAK “ PREVIEW it's Free!